Huddersfield Textiles

Made in England

The English town of Huddersfield is situated at the convergence of the rivers Colne and Holme. Inhabitants of these river valleys discovered that the water – which flows from the Millstone Grit Pennine hills – gave excellent results for the washing of raw wool. Our Water is world renowned as the softest water on the planet, giving unparrelled results in cloth finishing.

The name ‘Made in Huddersfield, England’ became a highly revered global brand, which appeared on the selvedges of many fabrics worldwide. These high quality fabrics were the choice of Kings and Princes alike.

Made in Huddersfield, England

Today – with all the results of technological achievement throughout the world influencing our lives, woollen and worsted cloth is still regarded as the ideal clothing by most people living in moderate and cool countries. The British, made in Huddersfield label is linked with the best in woollen and worsted cloth, and carries a cachet which is indisputable.

Performance and Prestige

Huddersfield Textiles luxuriously crafted collections of cloths from the finest materials and are assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every cloth is designed, developed and produced to the most exacting standards, to encapsulate individualism.


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