Neapolitan Cloth merchant since 1920

History of Cacciopoli

Around 1920, with the conclusion of World War I, VincenzoCaccioppoli with her two children she understands that it is the right time to return to his Naples and start a business for the sale of fabrics. Thus it was born the historical store Caccioppoli in the heartof Naples, in Piazza Nicola Amore, which is still the current headquarters.

A few years later the other two sons, Cosimo and Antonio, they become part of the company, thus founding the “Fratelli Caccioppoliof V.zo“.

Cut Length Service

Today the company’s core business is the “cut length service”: that is, thesale and distribution of the cuts of fabric at the best tailors and packagesthat do the be-spoke tailoring. The delivery of the fabrics chosen is very fast, in fact we are able to fulfill orders in 24/48 h throughout the country and internationally. Caccioppoli brand is now present throughout theworld, in Italy as in Europe, in America as in Asia through the dissemination of our bunch. The distribution of the collections, which wecreated and implemented, takes place twice a year, in January for the summer season and in September for the winter: all fabrics, strictly madein Italy from the best wool mills of Biella, are made exclusively for and wehave the selvedge customized Caccioppoli.

Proudly Made in Italy

Truly Neapolitan at its core, Cacciopoli is revered around Italy as one of the legendary cloth merchants for almost a century and is the choice of high class sartoria around the world.


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